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What's On With Woofers
Next Puppy Classes Start October 27th, But there is a full program going into the Autumn, next socials being 8th October on Sunday Afternoon in Hadleigh Area details will follow shortly  then Sunday 22nd October, 12th November, 3rd December and the 30th December (details of all later) and for members, courses and immediate family 15th December Santa Paws Christmas Party.
I have also been asked to de a town centre walk to take in busy roads, Pelican crossing etc. so would like to get this in before the clocks change, if interested email us.

You can invite yours friends and Family, anyone with dogs it will cost them £1 so we are covered by our insurance.

The Photo is some of the dogs enjoying the Social walk and Swim at Felixstowe 10/9/17

Well another wonderful beach walk at Felixstowe with a good turnout and the best of the weather while we were there.
 All the dogs hand a great time and for some it was their first visit to the seaside, Norbert did eventually get his feet wet and Gem was soon in the fray with the other Labradors and a couple of or guests making sure Frankie and Rose didn't get every toy in the ocean.
Afterward some of us went over to the "Hand in Hand" public House in Trimly IP11 0RL and had a great lunch, in a really dog friendly atmosphere, with water appearing for the dogs as soon as we arrived and gravy bones being offer around by the staff.
If you are taking your dogs out and about in the Felixstowe area it is well worth the detour for a good quality meal or a drink, check out there web site for menus and specials, there is also ample parking out the back so you can decamp the dogs away from the road if required Well worth a visit! ( A great selection of Gin's the Rhubarb one with the ginger ale particularly hit the spot for a couple  that weren't driving)
Remember you don't have to be a Woofers member to "Walk with Woofers"
For Members we are doing a teach in for the Brownies, to help them with the Pet award, we shall show them what a working dog can do, then how to conduct yourself around a strange dog.
We shall do a similar event at the Pets at Home store in Sudbury, for more details grab me at training or email me.
Most importantly don't forget Bonfire night is fast approaching, read the section on about fire work training further down the page (Any members that want a hand, grab any of the trainers and they will advise) .
Hadleigh is an ideal place to start the training they have a clay shoot every second Sunday starting at 14:00 and you can walk your dog right down the end of the Rugby field or pass the Cricket ground to start the training and over the weeks progress down the River walk so you can finally walk up Love lane.
Just remember slowly is best, any sign of fear or discomfort go right back to the start, don't get cross, be more relaxed with the dog, get the family involved in playing.
This simple training could make all the difference to your dogs and ultimately your happiness, If you get problems or are not sure, come and talk to me. 

Puppy and Improvers classes at Woofers
Socialisation and Improvers at Woofers 

The Puppy at Woofers are for dogs under one year old* are an intensive 45 minute classes (which is all most young dogs or new handlers can deal with)
It is £45 for a course of eight 45 minutes teaching classes and a free 30 minute induction class (no dogs) where you get all the paperwork out of the way and a trainer will advise and show what you will be doing and what you need to bring. 
Puppy classes will have 2 ADTB qualified instructors who will introduce you to positive reward training methods and ensure you are involved in doing the exercises, not standing around waiting or the dog getting bored.
Over the 8 week classes you will have different trainers, so while the training methodology will be consistent, the delivery varies and the varied approach should help identify the best way for you to bond with the dog and what particular styles fit your partnership.
There are two reviews in the course, the first at wk 4 ensures the stage exercises are on target and to gear you techniques to satisfy the level to be awarded your certificate after the week 8 review.

The Aims of the 8 classes are;
Ensure you are safe on roads and traffic situations to walk your dogs and have a complete understanding how to handle your dogs while crossing roads, using gates/doors.
To help build a strong relationship and to ensure the correct solicitation with your puppy.
Learn the importance of consistent communication both verbal and non verbal to develop the confidence and understanding to pre-empt situations and deal with them efficiently that carries through the whole life.
Feel comfortable in a social situation with your dog and for it to be the same, with other dogs and people in different situations both in large and small groups. 
The next stage is the Improver class which is mostly young dog predominantly that have been through the puppy class, but can have dogs join this class for many different reasons, this is where we build and develop the dogs & handlers to be able to a wide variety of exercises and start to feature other disciplines like Agility, Scent, RallyO and exercises specifically for awards.
This is also £45 pounds for 8 training classes

(* improvers except in exceptional circumstances and as long as they are not going to upset the youngsters) 
All puppies must be vaccinated and Micro chipped.
Any questions, further details or to book on to the next available course phone / text Linda on 07780375275  or email

New dogs that start at Woofers that are not starting in the puppy class, will start in the 45 minutes improvers course regardless of the perceived level of ability of the handler or dog*. 
*(except in special circumstances dictated by the training team)
They are assessed by the training group and when they are felt to be ready, are nominated to the Head Trainer who will review the levels achieved and if successful will when space is available promoted the dog to the relevant class.
There are two levels of the Socialisation and advanced classes at Woofers, one leads on to another but at different levels.
These are One hour classes as the dogs have already been in training so should handle the rigours of a one hour class and because of the higher level of some of the exercises there can be periods where only part of the class are involved in the exercises.
In the S1 class you will build on the socialisation  and basic training exercises from the levels achieved at puppy and improver class.
The trainers will go right back to the basic core exercises to
ensure the fundamentals such as the stays, waits and on / off lead work so it starts becoming second nature and build on but taking them slightly further each time and introducing new things, whilst giving you the information of what to strive for to reach you next certificate level.
The objective is to build the basics into the handler and dog so it starts to occurs naturally and the understanding between the dog and the handler can reach a level where when the dog is old or infirmed it can still understand the simple commands that will have become second nature to you and them.
As well as basic obedience, you will have the opportunity to do basic agility, RallyO, basic Scent work, very basic Heelwork to music  and anything else we think might be a bit of fun and beneficial to the development of a well mannered, socialised Woofer. 
The S2 Dogs have usually completed Bronze, Silver or Gold KC Good Citizen Award, the equivalent Woofers certification or are time served "Woofers" and been invited  by the trainers own points merit system.
As with S1
 you will have the opportunity to do basic agility, RallyO at a slightly higher level and have an occasional chance to have a fun go an more specialist activities such as heel work to music, ScentSense in fact if people show an interested in doing it we will try and give it a go, from fly ball to dock jumping so watch this space!

August Dog of the Month

September Dog of the Month - The special mention to KC Cavalier Spaniel Teddy who has come back from an operation and her work and mum Catherine's commitment resulted in going up to the next class and along with Leo and Kelsey.
so both have been out to prove they deserve to be there!
So for a great performance in her new class and commitment is goes to Teddy but special mention to Leo again to Bailey who is really getting to grips training Margret.
I started off the short list this month with 16 dogs! I haven't got time or space to mention you all but well done all
August Dog of the Month - Tammy for being Consistent and pure Spaniel enthusiasm for life.  Great job Sandra
July Winner - Hugo  French Bulldog For his improvement in over coming his many inherited problems, well done Hayley
Junes Winner - Norbert 14 mt old Labradoodle for his improvement in class and on social walks with Jenny and Kev
Mays Winner - Rolo  Labrador - for  his commitment to his training and becoming a real swimmer with Carolyn and John.
April Winner - Ruby - 7 year old Spaniel who lives with Jo and John Kelm and proves that every dog with a little help can improve from mum can keep improving
March Winner - Ruby - Weimaraner -For a huge improvement in social skills after only one month of training with Breeze
February Dog of the Month winner- Rose Chocolate Labrador For being a superb ambassador for the group and asset in the community.

Woofers in the Community

Woofers Dogs Blog

 The Tails of a the Brown Dog.
This started as Rolo a pups view of his progress through the puppy class and how to tackle the important questions in life, like where did I hide my ball, how come I am wet!
Read first hand how Rolo, Rose, Lola and their friends come to terms with the everyday trials and tribulations of the training classes and how new friends from classes are getting on.
Did Rolo gain the coveted puppy certificate at the end of his 8 weeks training.
Keep checking back we for  the latest update on the training and the dogs adventure's socialising with the other woofers dogs and there and experiences in the different events, swims and the socialisation walks with Woofers.


 Please start to acclimatise your young dogs and reinforce last years training to loud noises especially bangs.
Find your self a Clay shoot and take your pup a good distance away so the noise of the gun reports is barely audible to you, sit down with you dog and play with it making a fuss of it and giving it a high value treat e.g. chicken / cheese etc.
The most important part of this exercise is for you not to be worried about the bangs or the dog will pick up on it and react
After a few minutes walk towards the sound and repeat  spending just a little longer at each point and ensure that you to pay no attention to the noise whatsoever. 
On the first week keep over 1000 meters away even if the dog appears to be taking no notice of the noise, if at any point it shows any fear go back to the beginning and take it slower.
Go home and when it is the dogs meal time, open Youtube  and put on a fire work video at low volume while you feed your dog again make it barely audible, repeat at one or two meal times a day so by the next weekend the volume is still low, less than a normal speaking voice.
Return to your Clay shoot and again start in the same place but repeat everything but this time end up about 800 meters (half a mile) away, again treat the bangs as perfectly normal.
if you know another dog that is totally unreactive to noise, may want to get them to join you but most importantly make the play fun for the dog take a favourite toy and plenty of good treats 
Repeat the youtube on at meal times again but increase the volume very slightly, again any signs of fear or discomfort reduce and go back to the beginning.
For the next four weeks reduce the final distance by 100 meters and increase the Youtube volume until it is at a normal to what you would have on your television.
Most importantly if at any time the dog show ANY signs of fear or discomfort go right the way back to the beginning, do not try and rush this and as with all socialisation you have to revisit it a couple of times a year.
Remember if you are relaxed,your dog should have nothing to alarm it, animals look to you as a lead, that is why we talk to our dogs just before we meet another dog or hazard, so they know that you have seen it, assessed it and are in control, That way your dog has not got decisions on what to do.
Good luck, keep the treats high value and keep it light and  fun.


Rolo's Tails of a little Brown Dog

By andrew cottle 28 Sep, 2017

Another Sunday lay in disturbed with mum and dad rushing around, I had had my breakfast so didn't need to get to excited about anything .
All of a sudden I spotted the Wet suit had made its way into the room, that can only mean one thing, yip we are all gonna get wet!
I quickly rushed around and check they had packed tennis balls, treats, floaty thing, yellow stick,treats and oh did I mention treats.
Into the car we piled and we are soon at Felixstowe and so are loads of my Woofers friends, there is Gem, Lulu teddy, Norbert,  Hermi, Lola,  Frank, Tammy, Meg  and about 10 others I didn't know (yet!)
It was a great turnout and the weather was sunny while we were there,  so we could run and play in the surf.
 All the dogs hand a great time and for some it was their first visit to the seaside, Norbert did eventually get his feet wet, some were a lot sooner into the action with Gem in the fray with the other Labradors and a couple of or guests making sure Frankie and me didn't get every toy in the ocean.
Frankie and me towed dad in to the beach and the girls would roll him back in!
After a while we left dad on the beach (I think the mention of a whaling fleet being spotted meant he had to get out) and all the dogs went for a walk around the headland and back to the cars. 
Afterward some of us went over to the "Hand in Hand" public House in Trimly IP11 0RL and had a great lunch, in a really dog friendly atmosphere, with water appearing for the dogs as soon as we arrived and gravy bones being offer around by the staff.
If you are taking your dogs out and about in the Felixstowe area it is well worth the detour for a good quality meal or a drink, check out there web site for menus and specials, there is also ample parking out the back so you can decamp the dogs away from the road if required Well worth a visit! ( A great selection of Gin's for the Hoomans  the Rhubarb one with the ginger ale particularly hit the spot for a couple that weren't driving).
Another fantastic day with Woofers for me and all my pals

By andrew cottle 23 Sep, 2017
Well it was an early start for a Sunday, apparently we had a 50 mile drive to reach "The lost City of Dunwich" I remember last years visit  where we didn't find the lost city , but we did find a great Café!
Anyway today was going to be special because one of the dogs coming with us was 14 years old and right up for a paddle! that's 100 YEARS OLD in Hooman!
I was told that I wasn't allowed to charge about with Frankie in case we knocked Bonnie  over, but she was so lovely and we just watch in awe  as she followed dad (Andrew) into the water.
By andrew cottle 15 Aug, 2017
Wednesday July 12th 2017 Rose’s Birthday
Well the day has finally arrived it my Birthday so in true Labrador fashion I woke early to help dad make his sandwiches for work (quality control is an essential part of the process) got my card and some presents, then when back to bed with Mum for an hour.
After a leisurely breakfast, it was out for my walk with mum, which was only down to the local park and not round the river walk.
I would have been disappointed but I met some friends in the park that I could run and chase a ball with, but I was a little surprised when mum told me to heel and we headed home after all it was my birthday.
When we got home, mum was straight into the kitchen and all of a sudden there were lots of lovely smells as different ingredients were lined up on the work top, oh good perhaps  a bowl to lick or more quality control of the finished product, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
After a while mum produced a batch of cakes the like of I had never seen before!  then set about decorating them with little bones, when she had finished to my surprise she put one in my food bowl and sad Happy Birthday Rose, here a Pup cake.
it was delicious, I could taste the peanut butter, sweet carrot, honey and other things that made it really tasty! and what more if they were all for me the big tray had loads on it and what’s more mum was making even more!
I had to quality control one from another batch but it was just as tasty, but it was strange that mum had not scoffed any yet!


By andrew cottle 14 Aug, 2017

Well the best day of the year came,  you hoomans know it as the Annual Barbeque to all the 4 legs its “Sausage day!”
It’s the day we all get to run around a huge garden with our friends and Sausages, biscuits or other goodies literally fall out of the skies! None of the dreaded D word on sausage day you can eat as much as you like!
This year the Sun started out well, but there were so many sausages and dog biscuits about that in clouded over and got a bit wet in the middle, it didn’t matter to us and the Hoomans had their shelter (can’t think why they want to sit about under cover, when the garden is full of free range sausages!).

By andrew cottle 10 Aug, 2017

The best laid plans of Mice and Men, well you can include dogs in that number as well!
After week of practicing a heel work to music routine with Sharon, we lost some vital members of the team due to injury, illness and holidays,  but Norbert  Tammy and Meg took up the challenge to ensure  the first display was continued and what a great job they did!
Still back to a prefect Sunny day is Suffolk we were scheduled to do two displays at the fete so the first part was some obedience  and heel work to settle us in as 4 of the team had never preformed in a public display before and Andrew had decided that 2nd Lead Trainer Sharon was doing the first section on her own and although she had taken part in many displays before  she had never had to run one, but Andrew was confident everyone would rise to the occasion and that's exactly what they did, the multi dog stop was sensational and even preforming the "car crash cone" perfectly no an easy task with 6 dogs moving at split second precision timing, there is nowhere to hide if it no right you crash or have to stop! 
The display could not have done better and Sharon had everything under total control.

By andrew cottle 26 Apr, 2017

Bit of a strange one today, mum and dad left us a home with Aunty Faye, as they had to be in Norfolk again today so I was faced with a practice for my Woofers Puppy certificate on my own.
Marmite was being no help at all and told me  he suspected that mum and dad had gone into hiding to Norfolk in case I failed.
Good job I had got Faye here, as I knew that she and Andrew were doing my practice and the real event next week, so I pretty well had it sussed and done everything possible using dads favourite tactic of sucking up to the teacher!
Throughout the day I made sure Faye had the pick of the tennis balls and toys and did everything that she asked (more or less) immediately!  Apple or not dad would have been proud of me.
We arrived at the hall and I got out of Fayes car and we went over and I reassured the girls that I had arrived,  Frankie, Teazle,  Meg and best of all Lulu who was back from her travels, I relaxed a bit knowing everything would be okay now,  just get this evening over with, so mum and dad could soon come out of hiding!
Harley who appears to have no nerves liked the idea of all doing the test together and had discussed with Norbert the exact amount of puppyness we could get away with! (them girls think their cute, but us boys are the real class pin ups! but don't let on).
Suddenly without warning I am handed over to Aunty Linda, who is Rose's mum, but as she has already been trained, I think I am in for a nice easy evening (little did I know).
Within the first couple of minutes of the class, I start to wish dad was back! Linda obviously isn't quite as trained as I had assumed and what with the bigger issues to be dealt with,  like Lulu having been away on holiday for 3 weeks,  she should have known that everyone including me needed to discuss the elusive haggis and more importantly what's it taste like!
But no, Linda's idea was get into work right away, so after a couple of minutes of trying to reason with her and odd lunge towards the pack, I found myself well and truly told to "leave" and "watch me".
At that point I decided that I had better concentrate a bit more and things rapidly improved, by the end of the road walk I thought that I had nearly got her up to scratch, a bit reluctant  on the handing out treat front, but she walked nicely and gave plenty of praise, the only down was she tends waves her hands about a lot. 
Anyway after we had entered the hall, things went down hill!
After all the puppy classes, I am sort of  getting the hang of what we do in the hall and the road, but this was defiantly not what I had been use to, I was being thrown by doing things very slightly different and all of a sudden fingers were being raised and every opportunity or the palm of the hand shown (an empty one at that Wot no treats!) frankly I think not only had she had lost the plot, she had had my treat away as well!
I looked over at Rose as if to say "what sort of training have you done with this woman! I haven't a clue what she's on about!" If she says "watch me" once more without getting a treat I am going to complain to dad!
As we were fast heading toward my fave section that is the cone work, I decided to make a big effort to stick with it.
Before we were allowed to do the cones this week, the Hoomans are all reminded of exactly what he wanted them to do  by Andrew giving a demonstration, almost seamlessly Andrew has dropped the lead, stuck a treat over Harleys nose and given the demonstration, pointing out what they need to focus on and to ensure the treat was were it should be. 
We all  eagerly watched secretly hoping that we were going to get a turn to demo with the trainer (we all like to do this and show how good we can be with everyone watching).
Whoo HOLD ON!! I have just noticed, the Linda has mesmerised him as well, I distinctly saw him put a flat of the hand towards Harley when he said stay, OMG he's caught the finger as well!!! Simultaneously with the "wait" the finger came up in front of Harleys nose. 
Nobody else had either noticed or cared, as we passed Rose I pleaded for assistance, she gave a sigh and said its another way of them talking to you, they have all sorts of daft ideas, things that whistle, that click, coloured pointy sticks, all manner of ways to try and confuse you, just think about what you are doing and what you have practiced and you will be alright.
Um I am a bit happier now and thinking about it, I know what I am being asked to do, and the wait and stay the hand signals are pretty easy really.
Oh its our turn for the cones, Its that finger again, but this time I know its meaning and also hear the "wait" command, Oh come on Linda! we want to get going -   I'm good at this!
Hang on, commands from the lead trainer Andrew " Lead off" "in and out with the dog" " Dogs name and Heel go" with that my lead was off and we were moving.
Now she's got the idea, just keep them treats coming lady,   oh hang on we've finished! damn didn't have time to make sure the girls were checking me out, what's this the crowd has got wild, people are clapping Andrew has said well done and clapped his hands and Des, Doug, Kate and everyone has joined in, Oh I must been so good!
In the next few minutes everyone goes through the cones off lead and Andrew and Faye are really please and everyone gets applauded.
But there is no time to rest on our laurels, I'm up against the cones again and its off with the lead again,  this time going "Left and Right" while Linda walks one side of the cones, I follow her hand and the treat and again before I know it we have finished again.
The hall once again is cheering and clapping,  we all succeed and get applauded, Lulu, Teazle, Frankie, Meg and the boys all "Smashed it " according to Daisy and her Hooman Paul, in fact everybody in the hall was impressed, Frankies family picked her up, Harley could hardly speak for all the extra treats Teazles Doug was trying to play it cool while beaming a smile, Lulu was skipping about and I think Des was as well.
While we are all basking in our glory, Rose is suddenly up and to Andrew side, now the treat has dropped! watching them I now know exactly how Rose always managers to know exactly what he wants her to do and where she has to go, the "Finger of Doom"
Now I know the secret I can't wait to tell the others,  all those Top Dogs ought to watch themselves, the First Woofers puppy class of 2017 is on it way up, Move over Marmite, Lola, Rose, there is new talent in Bramford!
After some frantic tail wagging and good byes, I can hardly stay awake in the Car,  I rush out when we get home to tell Marmite all about it, by the time mum and dad get back he is going to be bored with tails of this evening, so I better have forty winks, so I am ready for when they come home.
Faye give me a quite well done and I drift off to sleep.
Can't wait till next week , I only hope dad can hold his nerve and learn the mad hands thing! 
lots of Lubs the newly clued up Rolo xxx

By andrew cottle 19 Apr, 2017
Well Good Friday started off much the same as most Fridays, which in my opinion are good, because we gets to go to Woofers dog training classes and see all my pals, the only real difference was a "Yummy" special chocolate Easter egg for Marmite and me, however I was convinced that Andrew had said to the class "No training next week as its Easter" so was not sure that the day was going to be so good after all!
We had our Dinner early which was a good sign, but no one seemed to be in a hurry to get there and as yet no pre-training walk, although mum was scrambling things together in bags and mum and dad had put on the bright Red Woofers tops, so we must be going.
Both Marmite and me tried to hurry them up, by repeatedly showing them where the door was and barking encouragement, but after what seemed like for ever, we all got in the car!
When we arrived at the hall something was wrong! Some of the wrong hoomans were there with the wrong dogs, Marmite was as confused as me.
We all got out the cars and last I could see Mia, Meg and Teazle, so at least some of them had got it right!
Daisy was next out of the car and taking control barking out instruction's , Tammy, Teddy, Trevor, Tommy, "Tommy pay attention what have you done with Mia" Lulu, Leo, Marmite get them pups in order, come on fall in!
Then Andrew, Linda and Rose arrived, at last he would know what we are doing here and as usual he did!
All the handlers and dogs were now ready to be told what to do, only that's not really what happened, he just said "keep together until we reach the river, everyone on lead until I say please"  Mia's owner Jasmine was to lead the way.
We were off, most of us had done the road walk, but it was different with the other dogs, who didn't seem particularly worried about what we were doing and all sat at the kerb and move as one, nobody wanted to be left out.
After we had all got to the steps correctly our handlers were told "relaxed" walking, oh if dad got any more relaxed Mia and Teazle would be out of sight.
Without warning we were stopped, but instead of the normal exercises,  a yellow stick thing, tennis balls and a orange disc were produced and we were allowed off lead, "Yahoo" Rose was flying through the air and landed in the water with an impressive splash!  its just like the beach all over again, so I run and introduced myself properly to the girls Meg, Tammy, Teddy, Teazle, Lulu and of course Mia, after that I barked come on Teazle time for the wet stuff, follow Rose and I raced towards the edge and just before I went in I looked round to see Teazle, Trevor, Tommy  but they had all stopped!
Whats this I said "come on guys"  "not sure" said Teazle "I have never been in the water before" follow Rose" Marmite said and with that me and Teazle  slipped into the water, I immediately pushed out toward Rose and barked at Teazel to catch up, I looked behind and not only was Teasle in the water but she was along side me, move your legs I barked, Handler Doug looked quite worried, but relieved and happy when we both turn back and scooted up the bank, everyone around congratulated them both, although don't recall Doug getting wet!  
I then headed out for the Yellow stick and everyone watched me go by myself, most of my pals came down to the water edge to watch me (I think Mia was worried for me as she got her feet wet, but I knew Andrew would jump in if  I needed any help).  
By andrew cottle 14 Apr, 2017

A strange start to Sunday morning, everyone is up and about and Marmite is beside himself with excitement, "what's going on" I said gradually warming to the fact that something really good was going to happen.
Its the "Beach" said Marmite, look at the weather todays my Marine meander! Wow I though I heard of the beach it's one of those lovely wet places, but "marine meander" oh wot the hell, we'll roll with that one!
What makes it an even better day is I hear my good friend Barnaby is coming with his hoomans from Norfolk to join the Woofers friends and all the fun!
Mum is pleased it is warm and sunny as we all pile into the car and set off, Barnaby says he like to paddle in the sea but doesn't like to get too wet, I told him that Marmite paddles and I am going to try it out today.
On arrival we spot Lola, Alfie, little Daisy and 3 of Marmites pal that I haven't seen before, another Lola, Brandy and Harry a big Black Labrador with their mummy Linda (that will please Andrew, he is always saying he could do with a Brandy after training us lot).
Its so exciting when I get down on the sand and we are being joined by other dogs all the time, most of the other dogs have rushed down for a paddle, so not to miss out I follow getting my feet cold and wet (lovely!)
This then is the Sea and I like it, it tastes funny and Lola tell me not to drink it or I will be sick.
What's this, a ball and Aunty Faye throws it a little way in to the sea, Lola chases into the sea barking "follow me" in I run but its getting harder to run and suddenly a strange feeling as my feet appear to have a mind of their own.
Before I can be scared everyone is saying "well done",  "keep going" Lola barks move your legs you'll be fine, so I keeps going and manage to keep my head above the sea.
When I reach Lola she lets me have the ball to take back to the sand, keeping with me all the way back, boy this is fun as I head back to the beach I can see everyone especially mummy was shouting encouragement and I got a fuss and stroke from nearly everyone.
This swimming lark is great I think and apparently is comes naturally to Labradors as they have webbed feet (so have some other dogs and some people from Suffolk), I really love this swimming, it's so easy, lets do it again.
Now I've got the hang of it, I can race for the ball with the other big dogs, I try to reach the ball first a few times, but are always beaten as I am only  little puppy.
Rather than try and beat the other Labs, I decide to go for the balls that are nearer and in the shallow water, Alfie the British Bulldog (who is like a brick wall, so is slower in the water) was my chosen target to pinch the ball from.
When a ball came near I threw myself forward and nearly got the ball, but he was so strong and knocked me under water, he thought I had given up so I pushed forward, swam past and pinched it right from his mouth, he he, I swam as fast as I could for the shoreline and showed off my prize.
As Lead trainer Andrew was in the sea in a wet suit to keep an eye on us all and make sure we were all safe and no one got into difficulty, aunty Linda was keeping an eye out for some mysterious whaling fleet, so I was allow to swim out with him, Rose and Frankie V who was chasing everything that he could possible chase and ending up with nothing to show for it.  
After a while mummy who was very pleased with my swimming and thanked Lola and Rose for showing me the ropes, made me come out as, she said I needed to rest as my legs were wobbly.
So sadly and much against my wishes I was taken back to the car to dry off and have a drink of fresh water.
Mummy put my towelling robe on me and I had to rest in the car, Aunty Sharon arrived back with Alfie (S) who is quite old now so he had also been ordered to rest! we both rested with Sharon and David, while mum sneaked of back to the beach to get Marmite, don't now what they put in that water but I was starting to feel quite tired.
Finally we could see a whole pack of dogs and Hoomans in Red Tops in the distance, Oh how I wished I could have been part of the pack, but Alfie assured me we had had the best of it.
People in the car park waved as the Woofers moved almost as one into the car park, little Daisy was heading up the pack with big Alfie bring up the rear, so many dogs of all different sizes and colours, then I spotted Marmite, Barnaby with both the Lola's, Harry and Brandy, everyone was back safe and I felt proud to be part of something like Woofers and not to have to walk alone, other dogs had followed, but we don't mind "Woofers" is for every dog!
Now we were all here, some were saying goodbye until Friday, but other were eager to get in the cars and head for the Mariners Arms at Trimley were we were going to stop for lunch.
When I woke up we were at the pub and it smelt like the best place in the world, FOOD! I had not realised how hungry this swimming make you!
The man at the pub must have known because he had put us all in one area where we could rest and had jars of Gravy bones for us to eat.
Most of the hoomans had a big roast dinner (which Andrew was  really the only one that deserved it as like us he had been swimming and they had just loafed about on the beach) I tried to let dad know I would help his out with the pork and chicken he had, but unfortunately he managed just fine.
After a while Andrew took me outside with Rose and Marmite for a wee and I had to do everything from my training classes so he could see how good my lead work was (certificates in a few weeks so influencing the trainers could come in handy!)  I could see he was impressed and even Marmite was trying to show how good he was, one day I will be as good as Rose who seems to know what he wants before anyone else, but she is still crazy and when she can, runs and jumps all the time.
We got back to the pub and they had ordered "Afters", I can't believe how this lot put it away, perhaps its just as well they didn't all swim! but after yet another round of Gravy bones, we all settled down again.
My memory was blank until I woke to laughter and everyone getting ready to leave, I so enjoyed Marmites birthday party with all our friends and can't wait to tell my gang at the puppy class as some couldn't make it and my lovely Lulu who was on holiday in Scotland.
Role on the next socialisation gathering, I can't wait!
Until next time lubs a tired, damp  and very happy Rolo xxx
Don't forget if you go to our Facebook or our Flickr pages over the next few weeks you can see photos of me and all my friends and some of our adventures.

By andrew cottle 13 Apr, 2017

Relief today, its Friday, I'm off to see all my Woofers pals, suns shining, dads back to take over the lead again, and their is a peace in my little Brown world, what could be  better!
Well now I think about it, another bowl of dinner would not hurt, and dad is getting a bit tardy on the handing out the old treat front, at one time all I had to do look gaze up appealingly and they would just keep shovel treats in, now I have noticed I seem to have to do more and more to get them!
Think I may need to discuss this with the gang!
I'm out of the car like a shot, first here, come on dad that deserves a treat, then something catches my eye a "white thing" not sure what it is, so I shall casually keep my distance until Frankie, Norbet or Harley have checked it out or Mia arrives (she knows it all!).
No sign of Mia, but the sort of good news is we are outside and aunty Sharon is there to help,  the sort of bad news is we have got the lead trainer Andrew so its going to be a busy night - nobody is going to be slacking.
Andrew has move the white thing into the middle of the car park, that's never going to keep anyone in I thought but we soon found very differently to that!
The exercise "The gate" was demonstrated by Rose who walk up to the gate and sat, the when Andrew opened it and walked through she followed and they did an about turn and faced the gate again, then with a "Left about" command they turn left and away they went, that's easy I think we all after a fashion, manage to do it (more practice required says Rose!)
We are then told it is "Road work" and Rose already has her eye on everyone as she demonstrates how to sit at the kerb, then cross the road there and back, I really like this part of the class its like being out on a walk with your pals but all the mums and dads have to behave themselves.
We can all do this, but all the handlers were being told things they have to do and we are doing it again until they get it right and "he" is happy!
 After a couple of attempts, we spotted Mia with her hoomans in a hurry to join in (making sure she walked perfectly on the pavement! and everyone especially Andrew got to see!).
With Mia's arrival our hoomans were given yet more instructions and told to follow as Mia and Jasmine led us away, this is starting to get exciting as we crossed a couple of different roads and then a bridge where we had to stop and the handlers were again given instructions.
We were now at some steps down to grass and a River, Mia and Jasmine had to go down the steps first as they have done them lots of times but for the rest of us it was a first. I could see another dog by the river and wanted to say hello, but was quickly brought back to reality with a "watch me" (and a tasty treat) will we tried as best as we could to follow what Mia had shown us.
I was quite jealous of the dog running around, but he came running towards us, only to blocked by Rose and Andrew, "hi what you doing, that looks fun!, you've got lots of pals, can I join in" but with lots of whistling and shouting he turned and ran back towards the people on the river bank.
That was the easiest treat we earned, just by doing nothing we were praised. 
We however had yet more work to do and set off only to be confronted by a real gate, yes we all know what coming next!
When we have all done the gate 3 times we headed back along the road to the hall, I felt sorry for poor Frankie the Dachshund, but she never complains those step must have been huge to her!
After a couple more crossing we reached the hall and it was obvious that everyone had done really well and Sharon and Andrew were really pleased.
Faye had arrived and was dispatched to her car to get something for Harley, when she returned they fitted Harley with this new collar to attach the lead to, he did not like it and it must have been quite heavy because for once he remained on the ground.
I can hardly remember going in the hall and doing the cones, but Harley was getting on better with his Halti collar, but don't let on because we think its got to be worth extra treats having to wear a halti and we were all going to milk it for what its worth.
The Sun was still shining when we slip into the car to go home, its dads best evening yet, I think he tried harder so I din't have to have mum again, he hardly got told off at all tonight, in fact he was widely praise on the walk and I am so good at cones, that Andrew said next week "we are off lead" ( dad said he didn't know about that, but we know that its coming so I shall practice this week).
Night, night lubs a very happy Rolo xxx

By andrew cottle 11 Apr, 2017

Dads had to go to the Hooman vet  and will be gone all day, so I'm a bit on edge as we might miss our weekly outing to Woofers and just when he was getting the hang of it!  Mum seem quite positive things will be okay so its probably just the jabs I had as a puppy, I could have gone with him like he was there for me, but apparently my services were not required!
Mum gets my lead and puts me in the car, looks like we are still going and what's this their going to let Mum loose with me, this could be interesting as Marmite has not trained her as well as I have trained Dad so I have a feeling treats may be more difficult to earn tonight!
When we get there its Aunty Faye and Sharon are training tonight so they will make sure she gets it right and she remembers where the treat bag is!
The Gang are there so I'll run over and say Hello to everyone, but what's this "No playing in class says Mum"  oh boy this is going to be harder than I thought bit I'll show mum what I can do! (come back soon dad! its worse that having the head trainer here!)
Aunty Sharon is taking us outside again, so we know there is no messing about, so I show mum how I wait at the curb and cross the road nicely on lead when asked to and sitting correctly at the sit of the road.
This week we wasn't allowed to turn around and see where Frankie, Basil and Mia were but I managed to catch Lulu's eye a couple of times.
We were all good and treats with lots of praise were forthcoming, this is going to be easy me thinks, little did I know!!
 Going back into the hall mum asked me to wait whilst she opened the door, I tried to help her the first time but she told me to wait, as she could manage it herself, only trying to help I thought!
But I did as I was told and let her do the hard work while I sauntered through after.
We walked around the hall and I tried to say hello the Harley and the rest of the gang as they came in but mum kept talking to me and every time I responded I got a treat, so I said "laters"  to the gang and paid attention to mum.
I sat when asked, went into a down when asked and the treats came freely - Yummy yummy, but sit and wait was hard and as no treat came so I moved a little in front, like I'd seen Marmite do, still no treat, so I sat right in front of mum so she could definitely  see that I was sitting, this happened 3 times and still no treat (dad would hear about this when I got home!)
We walked around the edge of the hall  and when asked to sit I sat nicely by her left hand side and I got a treat (better late than never), I waited but no more treats, but I could not move around to make sure mum could see me as the wall was in the way!
This happened all class when I was asked to sit, so  I sat by mums side each time  and got a treat, I think I just learnt to sit and wait, I noticed that Basil and Lulu had been subjected to the same sneaky tricks.
Then to my favourite, the cones, this is non stop treat heaven, I get to nibble dads hand as he walks through the cones and usually manage to say hello to the gang on my way through.
Mum sits me by the first cone and off we go, what's this with the volume? AWAY, CLOSE, AWAY, CLOSE all the way through the cones as I follow the treat, with all the praise I got at the end cone I think I did well.
After watching all the others "Ace" the cones it was my turn again  Mum had a big treat in her hand so in anticipation I sat by the first cone and to my surprise the lead was off and we were on our way!
Mum was giving me directions and encouragement and with the treat barely inches from my nose, before I knew it the treat had been raised I'd followed it with my nose and sat.
Everybody applauded even Lulu and Mia looked impressed, Hi Basil I woofed I gasping the cone games and Harley jumped  enthusiastically, but then that how he dose everything.
Another exhausting class and I think I showed Mum how far me and Dad had got (although she did seem to be taking a lot of credit for my star performance!) but boy does she talk non stop to me and I didn't get a chance to socialise at all so I will make the most of when we get outside the hall.
A brief playtime with the gang, yeah kisses to Lulu,  Megs a bit shy of me but she's very beautiful so I'll make sure I win her over soon.
Thanks mum for letting me say hello and goodbye to my friend in class I love being with all my Woofers friends, until next time    Night, night and lots of lub form a tired and satisfied Rolo xxx  

By andrew cottle 10 Apr, 2017
I knew there was something different about this morning as Mum was  about and getting ready to going and dad was keeping us amused, Marmite was not quite as chilled as normal for this of the morning, so only one thing left to do!
Jump all over him until he spilled the beans!
I would save you energy, he said. why I kept on between jumping and licking!
Today he said we are walking with Woofers again, so all the gang will be there.
Wow! all them trees, the Pub, such fun, quick get ready I told him, forest here we come!
Calm down said Marmite, it not the forest this time, its just around the hills and river in Hadleigh. "okay are there trees and I have never met these hills, I hope they are worth it" Marmite assured me of both.
We pick up Aunty Sharon, Faye with Lola and headed to Hadleigh, Dad didn't come today some I had to put up with mums driving but we got there eventually!
I could not wait to get out of the car, I could see Norbert and his friend, Rose, Teddy, to name a few.
We had a brilliant time with everybody chasing around the fields, especially Norbert who had never been off his lead before.
We chased about while to Hoomans were a bit slow so we had to keep going back for them, when we reached the top you could see a long way away, it was a bit tiring running up the hills but running down was fab!
We met loads of different dogs and all were friendly and impressed by our well behaved gang  (Lola, Marmite and Rose) looked out for us and Mia rounded us and a tennis ball up.
When we got to the River, I wasn't sure if I liked it, it was a lot bigger that the puddles me and Lola play in, so I think I will only paddle this time, all the big Chocolates went in especially Rose who is apparently related to someone called Tom Daley, they made it look quite easy so I risked a couple of toes!
Any way we all managed to get a little bit wet and muddy but after that we all headed back to the cars.
When I woke up, we were home so Marmite was right about not going to the Pub, pity.    
My next adventure was Friday night puppy class at Woofers, we arrived early as usual to find Aunty Sage and Aunty Faye are taking the puppy class tonight and what a result as Lulu and Teasel are here!

Daddy was please as he was not the only man tonight, so after a little play and a quick loo break, we went into the hall.
I could smell the treats in daddies left hand, and he was tell me to watch, so I did in case he dropped any, if not at an opportune moment I'll grab one.
We learned "About Turn", "Left Turn" and after a little mix up with the lead and dads feet we got there!
The "Sit" and "Down" I was fantastic, but apparently I've got to learn to wait in  these positions for a while before I get the treat, jumping up for it is not the done thing!
Mum came over to show Dad the hand signal for "Wait" but I'm with dad on this one why wait! but I suppose we will have to!
Eventually I played ball and waited, I was sorry that the class was over and even more so when dad embarrassed me again by sucking up to Aunty Sage by "giving Teacher an Apple!" oh boy get me outta here!
On reflection felt that Dad and I coped better this week, as we trained him to do more, it was less for me to think about and I could concentrate on doing what I was being asked to do.
Aunty Faye said I'd been a good boy, so it was time for a nap in the car as this training lark is very exhausting.
Until next time then, night night Lubs Rolo xxx

By andrew cottle 06 Apr, 2017

All the gang were bit sad at the start of this class, once again one of the dogs was missing, I asked  Lulu, Mia, Harley, Frankie and Norbert if they had seen Teazle but no one had any ideas.
I was sad because I remember back to all my time with my brothers and sisters and suddenly I was somewhere else and they had all being replaced by Marmite, and new mum and dad.
I had quickly grown to love them all and would not want them replaced by anyone else, but it was strange at the time and I was anxious that this was not going to happen all over again.
I was so enjoying the way things are now, my new family, meeting new friends, going new places and meeting my friends every week at Woofers, so I was determine to find out what was going on and do something about it.
"Puppy Power" was happening,  but as we didn't know what had happened or what we could do about it  we settled on asking lovely Lola for advice.
She said no one had to worry about going somewhere else as if they where not going to be with our new families, the Hoomans would not care enough to bring us to school and to reassure us, she thought she had heard the V word mentioned and that and that T would be back soon.
We all hoped Teazle would be well soon, as not only did we miss her but no one really liked go the V word!
It would appear that everyone gets these strange feelings, but for all the really lucky dogs we had a forever home and would see all our Woofer friends and walking friends and continue have a great time and that was why we had something on every month so our other friends who could not make the classes could "walk with Woofers" so they could feel part of a great group and feel that great feeling we have when we have all been together.
This cheered us all up and Harley seemed to bounce even higher tonight and everyone was keen to earn Teazles share of the treats (so she did not to miss out!)
It was Sharon tonight, so we thought it may be a bit easier than with Andrew last week, It wasn't! 
She was the boss this week and I think she made us work even harder this week, we covered all the exercises we did outside last week, but we had loads of being near our friends.
Perhaps she had an idea that we had been a bit worried and missed our friend so made us do a special exercise where we train the hooman to walk us up to our friends and turn around and run away.
We were all very good at it, especially Mia (who is good at everything!) and even has manage to train both Jasmine and Alison to do what she wants, even if she's a girl we let her show us all what to do because she so smart and I think Norbert likes her telling him what to do.
I can't wait until our group walk when we can be with all the Woofers, there are some many hoomans to look after, it's a job to know who to get treats from next.   
More soon from the paw of me,
lubs Rolo (Rising Star) Anglia Woofers Puppy class   

By andrew cottle 03 Apr, 2017

There was a special buzz around the training class tonight when we were joined by Aunty  Rose and the lead trainer Andrew, tonight was going to be our first time out of the hall and possibly on the Road.
To start with Rose showed us what to do, how to be safe and she reassured us that our mums and dad knew what they were doing (still not so sure and Andrew was quite stern with them).
When we all got the idea of what to do, we made a line and walked to the "Road", it was not like our road, there were far more noisy things, but dad did as he was told, talked gently and calming to me and popped a treat in when anything unexpected came passed, (could quite enjoy this new way of getting paid with treats for not doing anything).
When we were all calm, Rose lead the way across the road and showed us how to turn, sit and earn another treat!
After a couple of times across the road, we walked along the paths and practiced some of the other stuff we do in the hall, and people in the cars were so impressed they waved.
It was great fun to be outside with all the sights and smells, but they made us work and would not let us play like when we all normally meet outside.
When we came back we still didn't go in the hall, but instead all the mums and dads were made to walk us up to this "Broken Bottle" (it looked like a plate to me!) and we had do like we do with the cone and move away when told (because it was dangerous).
Frankie my Dachshund friend who's smart and was nearer to it than anyone else! also said it was a plate!  and Mia the Border Collie who has done all this before,  said nothing to worry about and get back in line.
When we eventually went inside and did the cones and some went off lead, and Andrew seemed very pleased with everyone!
 I was glad to get in the car and don't remember the ride home, I think I may have slept!
Still there is always next week, hope we get Faye I'm her favourite and we did work very hard this week!
Lots of lubs Rolo

By andrew cottle 21 Mar, 2017

You may have realised that I have many friends both 4 and 2 legs and are quite the lad about town, but I didn't realise that most had one thing in common, the dreaded "S" word, they have all been or still went to School!
This is going to be like another trip to the Vet, but I can get over it!
Everyone seemed very excited, (even Daisy) so it couldn't be that bad, so I quizzed Marmite and the rest of the dogs to get the low down on what happens.
Apparently mum and dad and a lot of my doggy friends mum and dads were setting up their own Pet Dog Training Club as they wanted to make sure we all had fun and were safe.
What's more I was the first to sign up for puppy class and big bro and his pals are all going into S2 (whatever that is?) and Dad is going to be my handler so this is going to be fun,  apparently  if Andrews not looking I can soon train dad!

oh boy this is going to be fun Ha Ha Ha!!!
After much excitement the night of the Anglia Woofers Puppy Class-Induction Night arrived.
Due to Mummy and dad being away, Aunty Faye had to take me and Big Bro, I was still a bit worried until I arrived at Bramford and saw all the gang that I recognised and a load more that I didn't, it was great to hear that Lulu my GSD girlfriend was joining me in the puppy class, Yeah what a result!
The Class started with Lulu, Gracie, Candy, Teazle, Tammy and a couple I didn't know the names, but instead of all rolling around on the floor and playing they got food out, oh good a picnic!
Unfortunately it wasn't the case, their was no showing off, it was down to the hard work, but it gave me the chance to
show off how well I can SIT, DOWN on command.
Lead Trainer Uncle Andrew took me and got me to do work too, actually I had turns with other people, including getting lumbered with Aunty Therese for a while but as she's been a bit crook for a while I took it easy on her.
I like the idea of this Training lark all you have to do is followed a fair few treats they put right on the end of my nose, SIT, DOWN, CIRCLE, don't know about Rolo... it was more like Yoyo at times, but it was fun being with everyone.

I was allowed to stay all evening as big Bro "Marmite"  was demonstrating his stuff too!!!, Boy was I tired but I kept going, saying hello to all my new pals and their owners.
 I was so tired I crashed out in the car on the way home but came alive when I saw mummy and daddy who wanted to know all about it, this is going to be so much fun me thinks.
Next week is going to be hard work so I hear for both me and daddy so watch this space for my weekly blog,

Lubs you ROLO
Anglia Woofers Puppy Class

By andrew cottle 07 Mar, 2017
Hi guys Rolo here, a 17 week old chocolate lab so I’m told by my mum and dad ,  and the youngest pup attending the opening night of Anglia Woofers Pet Dog Training.
Let us begin my blog with a brief look at how I came to end up with my own blog
I was one of seven puppies born on the 17/10/2017 but can't really remember  those early days apart from eating, weeing, pooing and playing with my brothers and sisters.
My forever mum and dad (Carolyn and john) came to visit us at 4 weeks old and visited weekly then picked me at 7 weeks so I am told, a small plump roly poly pup hence the name Rolo (I have to say it was puppy fat as now I am a slim handsome beast attracting all the girls!)
On arriving at my forever home at 8 weeks feeling very scared I found a saviour in my new big Bro Marmite, a large not as cute version of me with his own supply of great toys and things to teach me. 
He soon showed me how to train mum and dad to give me treats, let me play with him, share his toys and even let me sleep in his room albeit in a cage next to his bed, perhaps this wasn't going to be too scary after all!
I soon found my feet and when pushing the boundaries Marmite soon told me off as I’m sure all big Bros do!!!
We had trips in the car daily and I was allowed in the garden every 30 minutes to have a wee and train the family to give me a fuss and a treat! 
Aunty Faye, Aunty Sharon and Uncle Dave came on my first day home with Lola, Marmites Babe!,  Uncle Andrew and Aunty Linda came with Marmites niece Rose and Uncle Andrew showed me some ways to earn a fuss and treats.
On one particular trip to Uncle Andrews I met Grace, who is a strange looking dog, that speaks funny and plays dirty (of all the dogs I've met,  the Siamese kat is the one not to be messed with!).
Even though I missed my real mummy, brothers and sisters, with every day that passed I met new friend and hoomans to train and lots of new thing to see like being carried around Jollyes and Pets at Home as I wasn't allowed on the floor until my injections were completed.
 I soon find out what that involved! and not sure that I was too happy about it, anyway I was very good at the vets as I listened to all the staff say how lovely I was and felt honoured when I had vet Aunty Jenny see after me as she looked after My big Bro when he was very poorly.
Apparently I was in top condition (of course), passed all the health checks and even impressed everyone by sitting on the scales properly.
Then the dreaded injection which actually didn't hurt that much (but don't let on!) epically when followed by a tasty treats, cuddles and kisses.
I was now nearly ready for the big wide world and something called "school" , anyway more trips in the car to far off places.
At Aunty Sharon’s I met the famous Alfie, then another trip to Hadleigh to meet the gang at the other Sharon and Pauls,
This is where I met Frankie yet another choice lab and Rosie best pal and my soon to be partner in crime "Daisy"
Daisy has a nose for good stuff and something called trouble, she know all the best things to eat and what to roll in and according to Aunty Therese & Uncle Paul should know better!
Anyway that’s enough of gorgeous me though I have to say I’m enjoying life, mummy and daddy adore me, Marmite tolerates my antics and laughed when it was discussed that I would be soon attending puppy classes, what’s this I

Stay tuned to find out about my next big adventure "First night at Woofers"

Lubs you ROLO

We are Here at  IP8 4AT


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